Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Mesa AZ will give you wonderful service

Cleaning of your tile, stone and also grout is best performed by experts using a steam vapor cleaning system and professional grade cleaners.

Employing the professionals at Pacific to perform the work is preferable to employing a janitor or home cleaner to go to your home since we possess the equipment and experience to provide you with a real deep cleaning.

Tile Cleaning Process

Step 1 Cleaning solution applied

A tile degreasing solution is applied to the surface. This particular cleaner aids loosen soiling, chemical residues as well as other impurities from the surface.

Step 2 Steam Vapor

We utilize our steam vapor cleaners in order to cover the grout and tile joints to lift up the dirt out from the grout as well as sanitize it.


Step 3 Spot Cleaning

Following the steam procedure, a stain cleaner is utilized (as required) in order to extract any kind of difficult spots that might not have been removed during the initial cleaning procedure. If perhaps tile and grout has not been maintained or sealed properly, the stains may be permanent and unable to be removed. If it is the situation, then re-grouting or color sealing is an alternative option to recover the cement back to its first look.

Step 4 Grout sealer

Following the cleaning procedure is performed, all of the surface impurities can have been removed and also the surface is ready for the use of a stone or grout sealer.


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